You can override the current data point state in the Manual override section. Depending on the type of data point selected, different override options display:

  1. Multi-state: Select multiple override options.
  2. Two-state: Select from one of two states to override.
  3. Numeric: Change the numerical value of a data point by using the up and down arrows or by entering a value in the value field. The value entered must be in the minimum and maximum range of the data point.
  4. String: Enter the appropriate text for the data point override. Longer texts are truncated, but the tooltip displays the full text.


Overall manual override icons

Accept override

Cancel override


Manually override a data point

  1. Go to Building hierarchy or Devices.
  1. Select a device.
  1. Select a device data point.
  1. In the Manual override section, do one of the following depending on the data point type:
  • Select an override state.
  • Enter a value in the edit field.
  1. Select to confirm. When you want release the override, select .
  • The change of value (COV) is written.