The multi-site Overview page allows you to view all the sites in your portfolio and their current conditions. Key performance indicators (KPIs) for your sites display accordingly in the event summary bar, site map, and the comfort score card, if enabled.

The Overview page is also the initial point-of-entry to a specific site or partition. There are multiple options available to locate and access a specific site from this page.

  1. Vertical navigation bar: Host’s the following:
  • Overview (see items 2 through 6 below)
  1. Site table: A table of available sites based on current filtered events or searches. The table is sortable by Name. Selecting the row takes you to the site’s page.
  1. Comfort score: If enabled, a collapsible card that provides a visual overview of the key comfort score metrics for all participating sites in the organization. The card allows you to track high-level site data and select site-specific or site-wide metrics as needed. The value next to the overall rating represents the comfort score average of all participating sites. Comfort score is enabled from the site’s Settings. For more information, go to Multi-site comfort score
  1. Event summary: An aggregated summary of your sites according to their status. When you select an event tile from the Event summary bar, the Site list and the Site map display sites associated with the event tile. The filter bar updates with the matching criteria.
  1. Search: Allows you to filter and search the Site table and Site map by manually entering text or selecting from the available list of tags.
  1. Site map: An interactive map displaying available sites. By default, the event summary tiles, or applied filters, determine the map’s focus.