You can zoom and pan a trend chart in view mode in the selected time range.

NOTE: The data shown on the trend chart is dependent on the chosen time range. When viewing smaller date ranges, the chart displays raw data in minor time increments. Conversely, for larger time ranges, the chart presents processed or simplified data.

  • There is a selected trend chart in the ๎จพ Trend Analysis tab.
  • Select the trend.
  • Do one of the following:

Zooming a trend chart

  1. In View mode, do one of following:
  • Position the mouse on trend chart.
  • Select Zoom.
  1. To zoom-in or zoom-out of the trend chart, do one of the following:
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom-in or zoom-out.
  • Position the mouse over the flexible time bar, and then drag one end of the time bar. Depending on the specified time range displayed on the time sliders, the trend data is zoomed in on the chart.
  • Select one of the viewing options on flexible time bar: Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year or All.
  • (Only in Zoom mode) Select the area you want to zoom in.
  • The trend data for the specific time range displays at a granular level.

Panning a trend chart

You can move a trend chart to the left or right.

  1. Point the cursor on trend chart.
  1. With the mouse, select and drag the trend chart towards the right or left.
  1. On the flexible time bar, using the mouse, select the time sliders to pan the trend chart.
  • The trend data is visible in the time range and live data is displayed from the cloud.