The overview pane displays a tiled view of all the saved trend charts created for the site.

Selecting the Create button initiates the creation of a new trend analysis.

Trend configuration

Configured trend charts display color-coded data points used for analysis based on customizations from the Edit trend side pane.

You can also select an area on a trend chart to display cross-section details.

  1. Flexible time bar: Select-and-drag the ends of the time bar to adjust the current view of the trend to a specific time in the chart. The Time slider allows you to select a time-based increment for how you want to view the chart: hour, day, week, month, year, or all. The flexible time bar adjusts accordingly.
  2. Trend chart name: The name of the current chart.
  3. Trended data points left Y-axis and right Y-axis: The names of the data points added to the chart displayed on the left y-axis and the right y-axis. You can select a data point name to include or exclude it from the current trend display. The names of excluded data points are grayed out.
  4. Cross-sectional trend information: Displays the date, time, and values of the trended data points within the selected cross-section.
    NOTE: If the tooltip on trended data points displays Reduced value, it indicates that the volume of logged data is substantial. To accommodate this and for a more effective display, the average value of the data is displayed.
  5. Editing tools:
    • Zoom: Enable and disable zooming directly in the trend with your mouse.
    • Edit: Open and close the Edit trend side pane.
    • More: Delete, export, or print the trend.

Edit trend pane

Allows you to name, edit, format, and save/discard changes for a trend.

From the Edit trend side pane, the following options are available:

  • Discard changes: Any modifications prior to a save operation are disregarded and the Edit trend side pane closes.
  • Save: Any changes in a trend chart are saved.
  • Save as allows you to save a trend chart with a new name.
  • Exit closes the Edit trend side pane.

The Edit trend side pane consists of four separate sections:

Use the following tabs and popup to edit and format your trend:

  1. Options tab
  • Complete the required fields for the trend.
  1. Series tab - Add or delete data points from the trend and select the Y-axis position:
  • Select to add data points.
  • Select to delete the data point.
  • Select More to rename the data point.
  1. Axis tab - The trend chart scales based on the range. To specify a range, turn the Auto-scale toggle off and enter a value for the Min, Max range for the Left Y-Axis or Right Y-Axis.
  1. Style pop-up - Available from the Series tab, allows you to customize the trend line for each data point.
  • Select a data point trend line under the Style heading to access the pop-up.