Comfort score is a key performance indicator (KPI) value composed of up to four parameters that illustrate the overall indoor air quality and wellbeing of occupants. The default comfort score thresholds are pre-defined based on ASHRAE definitions, but are also configurable per site based on a site’s specific requirements.

In Operations Manager, the comfort score conditions are: Good, Fair, or Bad, and based on a value between 0–100 that represent the weighted average of the following tracked parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • CO2 levels
  • Indoor air-quality

On the multi-site Overview page, the Comfort score card displays the weighted average of all the participating sites configured for comfort score monitoring, and the displayed values represent the portfolio values.

The Comfort score card only displays when at least one site in a partition has comfort score and data points enabled from the site’s page.

  1. Multi-site Overview – multi-site comfort score card.
  2. Site-specificsite-specific comfort score card.


Configuring comfort score and activating data points

Comfort score monitoring is enabled per site from the Site’s Settings page.

Only users that are part of the following user groups can configure comfort score:
- Operations Manager Advanced
- Customer Administrator

After enabling comfort score, data points considered for inclusion in the overall site comfort score computation must be individually activated in the site’s Comfort score section of the data point side pane.

The first-time comfort score is enabled and data points are activated, it may take up to 15 minutes for the results to display in the both the site-wide and site-specific Comfort score cards.