Device data points display in the Building hierarchy or Devices pages.

After you select a device or equipment with data points from a tree structure, the list of data points displays in the Data point table. From this table, you can select a data point to display in the Data point side pane, where you can view and manage the data point.


  1. Device data point table: Displays in the Building hierarchy or Devices pages. This table displays a list of the data points associated with the device and their current Status and Values.
  2. Data point side pane: Displays after you select a data point from the device data point table. From here you can view, monitor, and manage data point activities, notifications, and events for the data point.
    • Status information: At the top of the data point detail pane, the selected data point name displays under the data point type (represented by an icon), followed by the current value and when the change (in days) was last recorded. The last row displays any relevant status icons.
    • Data point Information and configuration: The sections below the status information allow you to command the selected data point, view its tags and live or historical data, set up email or SMS notifications, manage data point events, and enable data points used for comfort score. The Data point side pane contains the following sections:
    • Manual override
    • Chart
    • Tags
    • Notification
    • Event settings
    • Comfort score