You can zoom and pan within a data point’s chart for the selected time range.

NOTE: The data shown on the data point chart is dependent on the chosen time range. When viewing smaller time ranges, the chart displays all data in minor time increments. Conversely, for larger time ranges, the chart presents processed or simplified data which is also referred as digested data.


Zoom in a single data point chart

  • On the Building hierarchy or Devices page, a data point is selected, and the corresponding data point chart is displayed.
  • To zoom-in or zoom-out of the data point chart, do one of the following:
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Adjust the time bar by selecting and dragging an end to zoom into a specific time range.
  • Select a viewing option from the flexible time bar: Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year, or All.
  • In Zoom mode, select the desired area. More granular details for the selected time range display.
  • The single data point data for the specific time range displays at a granular level.

Pan in a single data point chart

You can move the viewpoint of a data point chart to the left or right.

  1. Select and drag the trend right or left as needed.
  1. Use the time sliders on the flexible time bar to adjust the view of the data point chart.
  • The data point chart displays live data from the cloud for the specific period selected.