Building hierarchy only displays for sites configured using the Data Setup app and is the entry point to a specific site.

The Building hierarchy page provides a view of a site’s tree structure that is organized by location and equipment entities as follows:

  1. Location – Buildings, floors, and rooms. A Building is the highest entity in the tree structure.
  2. Equipment – A subset of device data points associated with any tangible piece of equipment, for example, a whiteboard, a fan, or a controller, etc.

  1. Structure: The tree structure of the location and its associated entities.
  2. Overview tab:
    • Entity cards: This section displays different cards, depending on the entity selected in the tree:
    • Building: The highest entity in the tree structure, displays the Comfort score card (if enabled) and a sortable table of all site entities.
    • Floor and rooms: Displays a sortable table of all children entities (Rooms, devices, and equipment.)
    • Devices and Equipment: Displays the associated Data point table and a searchable Filter. Selecting a data point from the table displays the Data point side pane. For more information, see Data points.