You are on the multi-site Overview page and want to filter the Site table and map. Use one of the following methods:

Event summary bar

  • From the Event summary bar, select an event summary tile.
  • The Site table and Site map update and display the corresponding sites.

Search bar

  1. In the Search bar, enter a name, address, or select a Status filter tag.
  • As you type, the Site table and Site map automatically display matching sites.
  1. If you selected a filter tag, continue selecting options until the filter criteria is complete. You can also enter text at any time.
  • The Site table and Site map update to reflect the filter criteria selected.

Comfort score

You want to view the site(s) for a specific comfort score category.

  • Comfort score is enabled for the site.
  1. From the comfort score card, select an active comfort score bar.
  • The Site table and Site map display the sites associated with the selection.
  1. To return to the default state, select the comfort score bar again.
  • The comfort score bar color returns to neutral, and the Site table and Site map return to their default states.