You can filter the Devices page by comfort score and devices using one of the following methods:

Comfort score

You want to view the device(s) and data points for a specific comfort score parameter.

  • Comfort score is enabled for the site.
  1. Go to Devices.
  1. From Comfort score card, select a comfort score parameters.
  • The bar color changes, and the Device table displays the associated devices.
  1. To return to the default state, from the Comfort score card, select the parameter again.
  • The comfort score bar color goes back to neutral, and the Device table returns to its default state.


You want to filter the devices and their data points that display in the device table.

Search for devices and data points by typing and/or using the following filters:

  • Device name
  • Device description
  • Data point name
  • Data point description
  • Status
  • Tags
  1. Go to Devices.
  1. Select the Search bar.
  1. Select an option from the list or type in a keyword. Repeat as needed.