Site-specific operations are managed from a dedicated site page that allow you to view a site’s alarms/events, monitor devices, equipment, and data points, create trends, access edge devices, and configure and enable site-specific settings.

When you select a site from the multi-site Overview page, the Devices page is the access point for site-specific management.

The following pages are always accessible from a site’s vertical navigation bar:

Site-specific comfort score

The site-specific comfort score card, if enabled, displays a site's average comfort score (Good, Fair, Bad). The score is calculated based on the summary of the data points from the devices that participate in the site's comfort score monitoring. The comfort score card is displayed on the Devices page.

The comfort score bars summarize each parameter and can be selected to view the related devices and contributing data points. If a parameter has no configured data points, it won't display on the Comfort score card.