When site-wide or site-specific events display in the Events page, you can filter the list of events, for example, so that it only shows events that belong to a certain category (such as Fault), or events in a specific event state (such as Acknowledged).

There is always the OR logic between the criteria of a filter (at least one condition must be true to assert the filter.) There is always the AND logic in case of multiple filters (all the conditions must be true). No alarms to show displays in case none of the applied filters is valid.


Filter by multiple criteria simultaneously

  1. In the Events page, select Filter.
  • The Filters window displays. The following multiple criteria are available: Category, Source state, Event state, and Date and time.
  1. Set one or more of the filter criteria as follows:
  • For any other criterion you want to apply (for example, Category) select one or more values (for example, Life Safety). Repeat this step for any other additional filter criteria.
  1. Select Apply.
  • The Filters bar displays top left of the Event list, including what criteria you applied. The list of events displays accordingly.

Remove event filters

  • In the Filters bar, select next to the applied filter criteria you want to remove.
  • The list of events displays accordingly.