Operations Manager allows you to configure events for data points connected to your site’s devices.

Event configuration is managed from a site’s Building hierarchy or Devices page in Events settings for a selected data point.

The following event states are supported:

  1. Two-state
  2. High-low value
  3. Multi-state

For all event types, the following toggle conditions apply:

Configuration is activated.
Configuration is deactivated.

Event message

Displays the data point event message text.

If email/SMS notification is enabled for the data point and there is an event:

  • SMS notification is sent
  • Email with the current text is sent

The Event message box is resizable by selecting and dragging the bottom left corner.

Advanced and Standard users can enter and edit the event text. The character limit is 1000.

Event settings compatibility and requirements

Make sure you read the Event settings requirements below.

Event settings compatibility

The event settings feature is only compatible with the following OS and app versions:

  • OS5.0.10 -X300 and OS5.0.12 - X200 or later for Edge devices.
  • v3.5.1-X300 or v3.5.1-X200 or later for Desigo CC, Connect Hub, and PXC 4/5/7.

Event settings requirements

Event settings are available for the following:

  1. Data points on-boarded via an Edge app that support this functionality. For more information, refer to the specific Edge app's documentation.
  2. Edge apps that supports commanding events in Operations Manager. Currently, the Intelligent Valve app does not support this functionality.
  3. Use this feature only with data points that have no alarm behavior applied in their native network or Edge app.