The Configuration page displays an overview over the discovery status. Here, the Modbus connector can be configured, and the discovery of data points can be started.

  1. Status: The status bar displays the current state of the connector.
  2. Start: Start the discovery of data points.
  3. + Add: Adds a device and/or data point entry.
  4. Delete: Deletes the selected device.
  5. Devices: Displays all devices that were added.
  6. Device properties: Edit the properties of the device.
  7. Save: Saves edited properties of the device.
  8. + Add: Adds another data point line.
  9. Data points: Edit properties of a data point.

Activated data points

The Activated data points page displays all data points that are activated for this connector.

  1. Information pane: Displays the number of active data points.
  2. Refresh: Refreshes the view.
  3. Search: Search active data points list.
  4. Name: Displays the name of the activated data point.
  5. Poll interval: Displays polling frequency in seconds. Default polling frequency is set to 900 seconds. You can adjust polling frequency in Data Setup.
  6. Value: Displays the value of the data point.
  7. Quality of value: Displays the quality of reading of the value of the data point. Ranging from 0 to 2. Where 0 is the best reading of the data point and 2 is no connection to the data point.
  8. Last update: Displays the date and time of the last recorded value of the data point.


The Logs page displays the log. The log file can be downloaded here.

  1. Info: Displays current app log data.
  2. Settings: Displays log file name and the button to download the log file.
  3. Download log file: Download currently displayed log file.