The Discovery page displays an overview over the discovery status. Here, the Modbus connector can be configured and discovery of data points can be started

  1. Status: The status bar displays the current state of the connector.
  2. Start: Start the discovery of data points.
  3. Add: Adds a device and/or data point entry.
  4. Delete: Deletes the selected device.
  5. Devices: Displays all devices that were added (3).
  6. Device properties: Edit the properties of the device.
  7. Data points: Edit the properties of a data point.

Activated data points

The Activated data points page displays all data points that are activated for this connector.

  1. Activated data points: Displays the number of discovered points.
  2. Refresh: Starts the discovery of data points (again). The list of activated data points is refreshed.


The Logs page displays the log. The log file can be downloaded here.

  1. Status: Displays current application logging status.
  2. Download log file: Download the currently displayed log file.