• You are in the File Connector user interface.
  • The Settings page is open.
  • A Samba server to store files is available.

Several fields must match the user's Samba instance located on the user's machine.

  1. In the Samba settings dialog, complete the following fields:
  • For Enabled, select True or False.
  • For Delete files after processing, select True or False.
  • Enter a Poll Frequency in minutes for Samba to look for new files on the user's machine.

The following fields must match the user's machine Samba configuration:

  • Enter the Domain.
  • Enter the IP Address.
  • Enter the Share Path.
  • Enter the User.
  • Enter the Password.
  1. Select Save.
  1. Select Validate settings to connect to the Samba server and verify the file transfer set up.
  1. To accept the server set up validation, select Accept.

An error message displays if the connection fails. If connected, no further validation steps are required.

If the validation step fails or is interrupted, Samba does not connect and files are not imported to File Connector.