The following features are available:

  • Polling of BACnet/IP field panels and networks
  • Default polling interval: 15 minutes
  • Configurable polling interval: via Data Setup
  • Supports BACnet revision 1.16 and lower
  • Supports both BACnet read and command
  • Supports multiple BACnet network configurations
  • Supports standard BACnet object types
  • Supports point status and priority
  • Scan networks with 15’000 BACnet data points (for Connect X300 and Connect Software)
  • Scan networks with 5’000 BACnet data points (for Connect X200)

Known limitations

Polling time

Currently the BACnet Connector supports only up to 12'000 BACnet data points for configurations with the minimum polling time of 30 seconds.

Supported network configurations

Currently the BACnet Connector supports only configurations with independent BACnet networks and BACnet Router is not supported.

Supported BACnet object types

Currently the BACnet Connector supports only the following object types. Support of additional object types can be extended upon request in later releases.

  • AI (Analog Input)
  • AO (Analog Output)
  • AV (Analog Value)
  • MI (Multistate Input)
  • MV (Multistate Value)
  • MO (Multistate Output)
  • BI (Binary Input)
  • BO (Binary Output)
  • BV (Binary Value)
  • Accumulator
  • Pulse Converter