To install an Edge Application or distribution on the Connect X200, Connect X300 or on the Connect Software please refer to the Building X Devices User Guide or visit

To complete the onboarding activities for Building X applications such as configuring and activating the data, enrichment activities and so on, please refer to the Building X Data Setup User Guide or visit .

A full installation of Connect Hub and all the connectors requires the following applications on the gateway device:

  • Cloud Connector (Default application, mandatory)
  • Connect Hub (mandatory)
    • BACnet Connector (optional)
    • Modbus Connector (optional)
    • Apogee P2 Connector (optional)
    • File Connector (optional)

Installing connectors

  • You are in Devices.
  1. Go to Sites.
  1. Select the site with the gateway device.
  1. Select the gateway device.
  1. Go to Applications.
  1. Select Connect Hub and the target connector for installation (1).
  1. Select Synchronize (2).

The applications are part of an installed distribution. Deleting or uninstalling the application also deletes the configuration. This change affects how data is stored in the cloud, resulting in a loss of historical data.

If the application is uninstalled and reinstalled, the data points are created as new and added to the existing data points. The existing data points become orphans since the platform does not have delete functionality at this time.