Network scan

The Network scan page displays an overview over the scan status. Here, scan for data points can be started and a list of previous scan results can be downloaded.

  1. Network scan: Displays information about previous scans.
  2. Download results: Download results of previous scan.
  3. Scan network: Scans network for data points.

Activated data points

The Activated data points page displays all data points that are activated for this connector.

  1. Information pane: Displays number of active data points.
  2. Refresh: Refreshes the view.
  3. Search: Search active data points list.
  4. List: Displays list of active data points.

Network configuration

In the Network configuration page, you can manage the network configuration and configure foreign devices.

  1. Add network: Opens dialog to add a new network or foreign device.
  2. Delete network: Deletes the network or foreign device.
  3. Edit: Opens dialog to edit network port.
  4. Info: Displays information about the foreign device.


The Logs page displays the log. The log file can be downloaded here.

  1. Status bar: Displays current application logging status.
  2. Download log file: Download the currently displayed log file.
  3. Log Level: Select the logging type from the drop-down list to display that type of logging level.