• You are in the BACnet connector user interface.
  1. Go to Network configuration.
  • The default network configuration displays. The configuration works for most use cases and generally does not need to be changed.
  1. Select Add.
  • The Add network dialog opens.
  1. Expand the Network Port pane by selecting .
  1. Fill out the fields as follows:
  • For Name, enter the name of the network port.
  • For Protocol, select the protocol from the drop-down list.
  • For Network number, enter the network number.
  • For Network adapter, select a network interface connected to the BACnet network from the drop-down list.

Always select br-lan as the network adapter.

  • For IP address, select the IP address of the Network adapter.
  • For UDP port, enter the number for the "Who is?" request.
  1. Select Save.