The Monitor page displays the state of the File Connector displays.

  1. Directory:
    • Pending row lists the number of files for File Connector processing. File Connector polls Secure FTP (SFTP) and SAMBA directories to pick up files for processing as appropriate.
    • Processed row displays the number of files currently processing through File Connector.
    • Failed row displays the current number of files that failed to process through File Connector.
  2. Files: Displays the number of files for each Directory category.
  3. MBytes: Displays the total size of files in each Directory category.
  4. Timestamp: Displays the file timestamp for File Connector processing.
  5. Metric: Displays the current File Connector host machine internal volume metrics such as Disc: Utilization, Disc: Available and Memory (Heap).
  6. Value: Displays the current corresponding volume measurements.
  7. Reload: Reloads the data.