Possible reason


Connect Hub:

I uninstalled all applications and reinstalled them. The points in my company were recreated and the system displays old and new points.

Uninstall deletes the entire configuration. Reinstalling the application creates a new instance including the points below the onboarded device.

If troubleshooting Connect Hub, we recommend performing a configuration reset from the local UI on the Gateway instead of uninstall/reinstall. This reinstalls the same apps and retains the data. It can be performed remotely behind a DCHP Internet router. On-site servicing may be required when using internet router with IP issuance.

Connect Hub:

I do not remember the password.

Connect Hub uses the log-in credentials set in Edge Gateway.

Start log-in process and use the Edge Gateway’s log-in credentials.

Reset the password from Devices, create new passwords in the Edge Gateway configuration UI and then log in to Connect Hub.

Connect Hub:

Connect Hub does not work in parallel with other Edge Applications such as Building Operator Discovery.

Connect Hub and/or Building Operator Discovery require specific configurations on both the Edge Gateways and the edge applications in regards to the internetworks configured.

Engineer two independent networks in the Connect Device and assign each network during configuration of the Edge Applications. Contact technical support if detailed guidance is required.

Connect Hub:

Points cannot be deleted via Connect Hub and the connectors.

The Building X platform does not support currently deletion of created points. Connect hub does not support deletion of engineered points.

Activate and engineer only the points of interest via Connect Hub/Data Setup.


Installation of both Connect Hub and Building Operator Discovery on Connect Software is not possible.

Building Operator Discovery is not available for Connect Software.

Use Connect X300 for combined use of Connect Hub and Building Operator Discovery.


Which distribution do I need to use Connect Hub?

Connect Hub is an Edge Integration Framework delivered via the Building X platform distribution.

Contact your Siemens Building X Administrator for access to the right distribution version.

BACnet Connector:

The BACnet network configuration with network lan0 does not work.

The adapter of the edge gateway is br-lan.

Use br-lan instead and resave the configuration. Then perform a scan.

AWK parser:

AWK code is not a term that can be easily interpreted.

AWK is a domain-specific language for text processing and is typically used as data extraction and reporting tool.

For more details please visit:

File server:

Setting up and configuring a file server is not described in this document.

It is a generic process that is not described in this document. The file server must be on the same network as the Edge Gateway where the file connector is installed.

External resources / example workflows on configuring shares: