Possible reason


Connect Hub:

I uninstalled all applications and reinstalled them. The points in my company were recreated and the system displays old and new points.

Uninstall deletes the entire configuration. Reinstalling the application creates a new instance including the points below the onboarded device.

If troubleshooting Connect Hub, we recommend performing a configuration reset from the local UI on the Edge Gateway instead of uninstall/reinstall. This reinstalls the same apps and retains the data. It can be performed remotely behind a DCHP Internet router. On-site servicing may be required when using internet router with IP issuance.

Connect Hub:

I do not remember the password.

Connect Hub uses the log-in credentials set in Edge Gateway.

Start log-in process and use the log-in credentials of the Edge Gateway.

Reset the password from Devices, create new password in the Edge Gateway configuration UI and then log in to Connect Hub.

Connect Hub:

I cannot access Connect Hub.

Connect Hub is not installed.

Install Connect Hub before installing any connector.

AWK parser:

AWK code is not a term that can be easily interpreted.

AWK is a domain-specific language for text processing and is typically used as data extraction and reporting tool.

For more details please visit:

File server:

Setting up and configuring a file server is not described in this document.

This is a generic process that is not described in this document. The file server must be on the same network as the Edge Gateway where the file connector is installed.

External resources / example workflows on configuring shares: