The following features are available:

  • Polling of Siemens P2 RS-485 field panels (token passing networks)
  • Supports Apogee P2 read
  • Default polling interval: 15 minutes
  • Supports standard Siemens P2 object types
  • Scan networks with 5’000 Apogee P2 data points

Known limitations

Supported configurations

Telnet must be enabled in the Siemens P2 field panels (default setting).

Supported Apogee P2 object types

Currently the Apogee P2 Connector supports only the following object types. Support of additional object types can be extended upon request in later releases.

  • LDO (Logical Digital Output)
  • LDI (Logical Digital Input)
  • LAO (Logical Analog Output)
  • LAI (Logical Analog Input)
  • L2SL (Logical 2 State Latched)
  • L2SP (Logical 2 State Pulsed)
  • LPACI (Logical Pulse Accumulator Input)
  • LFSSL (Logical Fast Slow Stop Latched)
  • LFSSP (Logical Fast Slow Stop Pulsed)
  • LOOAL (Logical On Off Auto Latched)
  • LOOAP (Logical On Off Auto Pulsed)