• You are in the Modbus Connector user interface.
  1. Go to Configuration.
  1. Select the device.
  • The Device pane and Data points pane display.
  1. Select Add to add a data point.
  • In the Data points pane, a row for each data point displays.
  1. Fill out the fields as follows:
  • Enter a Name.
  • Enter a Description.
  • Select the Register type.
  • Select the Address offset.
  • Select the Data size and Data type.
  • Enter the Unit.
  • Select Signed / Unsigned for the register.
  • Select the Endianness.
  • Select the Word order.
  • Enter the Slope, Intercept and Precision.
  1. Confirm with Save.
  1. Select Start in Configuration to start the Modbus Connector.

Modbus data points do not require point activation from the Data Setup. Once the configuration is ready, they are displayed in the Activated data points page.