Apogee P2 data points are activated in Data Setup application. Once the points are activated, they can be scanned with the gateway device and are then displayed in the Activated data points page. In the Building X platform new point values for Apogee P2 data points are generated within the polling interval set, if a change of value is reported.

  • You have activated data points in Data Setup.
  • You are in the Apogee P2 Connector user interface.
  1. Go to Discovery and select Start discovery.
  1. In the Start discovery dialog, fill out the fields as follows:
  • Enter the IP Address of the gateway device. A node name can be substituted for an IP address if desired.

The default Port 23 should not be changed.

  • Enter the Logon Password provided by your System Engineer or Administrator.

The password logs in to any of the panels that are connected through the token passing on the network.

  1. Confirm with Start discovery.
  • In the summary progress pane, the results are displayed.
  • To start the discovery of data points again, select Reset discovery.