To create management station schedules and start working with these schedules, you must first create and configure scenes and associate data points with the scenes.

Add and Configure Scenes

  1. In the System Browser, select the Schedules folder.
  • The Schedules tab displays. Any existing calendars or schedules display in a tile view.
  1. Select Add, and thereafter select Add Management Station Schedule.
  • The Scene tab displays with a default scene added.
  1. Enter the name of the scene in the Name field.
  1. To add more scenes, select the Add drop down list, and select Add scene from the menu options. For more information, see Scene Editor in Management Station Schedules.
  • The scenes are added to the management station schedule.


Add Datapoints

  1. Select the Add drop down list, and select Add data point.
  1. In the Select Data Point dialog box, select Management View and select Project > Field Networks > [network type] > Hardware > [device]. Either select a single data point or select multiple data points by using multi-select and select Select. In order to find objects, use Filter .
  • The Configure newly selected data points dialog box.
  1. Specify different values for the data point property (by default, Present value) by changing the displayed values.
    NOTE: If you do not want the data point to be associated with a particular scene, select next to the name of the scene and select Disable data point. To associate the data point with the same scene, select Enable data point.
  1. (Optional) You can change the data point property by selecting Select property and selecting the property to be changed.
  1. Select Add to save the schedule with the configured scenes.
  • The data points are added to all the scenes and the management station schedule is created.