How Do I Read the Help

A workflow describes only one procedure. Alternative procedures may, however, get the desired results.

No scenario is described on how to cancel procedures.

The term "drag" includes selecting an object, moving it to another object or referencing the same (Drag & Drop).


Symbols and Their Function

Default Functions



Confirms an entry or a command is executed. Data is transmitted to the subsystem.

Cancels an entry without changing the data.

Saves the data for later processing, for example, a predefined filter.

Opens an Operation dialog box.

Opens a menu or dialog box.

Displays additional information on a selected object.

The following states are achieved depending on the application by changing the position:

  • Switch on and off a function.
  • Show or hide a column in a table.
  • Switch to another application.
  • Switch between operation and extended operation. Only possible if supported by the specific user profile.


Alarm State Symbols

Alarm States



No alarm pending (no function when selected).

Alarm pending.

Alarm pending and acknowledged.

Alarm no longer pending, but not yet acknowledged.

Alarm no longer pending, but not reset.

Detailed information on alarms is available in Alarm Strategy.