Acknowledge Common Event from the Alarm List

Scenario: A fault occurs in a room that is recognized by the system with the Common Event object and is displayed in the Summary Bar. All faults belonging to a room are displayed in the Common Event view. This also applies to objects that are not in the system database through Application Modeling.

  1. In the horizontal navigation bar, select Events tab.
  1. In the Summary bar, select an alarm category, for example Medium.
  1. Select Source.
  1. Select alarm in the Event Detail bar.
  • The alarm is highlighted and displayed in the alarm details tab.
  1. Select Investigate system .
  • The Common Event view is displayed. All the alarms in this segment are displayed.
    Note: There are situations, however, where the Common Event view cannot be opened directly. In this case, select the object Room segment state [RSegmSta].
  1. Acknowledge the event .


Create a Filter for Common Event

Filter can be created for the Common Event Object Room. This simplifies the search for objects in System Browser.

  1. In System Browser, select Logical View.
  1. Proceed as follows:
  • Select Filter .
  • Select option Name.
  • Enter the search string RSegmSta.
  • Select Save .
  1. Enter a description for the filter.
  1. Select Save .
  • The filter Common Event for Rooms is created.


Display Common Event Objects

  • A filter is available for Common Event Objects.
  1. In System Browser, select Logical View.
  1. Proceed as follows:
  • Select Preset filters.
  • Select the filter in Saved filters.
  • Confirm .
  • The entries are filtered in System Browser.
  1. Select the desired Common Event object in System Browser.
  1. Select the Common Event tab.
  • See Properties for information on commanding Object Properties.