By default, events in Event List are sorted by applying the following criteria in turn:

  1. State: Active - Unprocessed events grouped on top (events still to be acknowledged), then Quiet - Ready to be Reset events, then events that are Quiet - Unprocessed.
  2. Category color: most severe on top, for example, Life Safety before Fault.
  3. Date Time: most recent event on top.

With this sorting, all events to be acknowledged will be grouped at the top. Within the ‘to be acknowledged’ group, events will be grouped by category color. Finally, within a group of ‘to be acknowledged’ events belonging to the same category color, the most recent ones will display on top.

Note that in the case of recurring events, the sorting only applies to the event with recurrences.
In the Event Details tab, the relevant individual recurrences of an event are always sorted by date and time in ascending order.


A small down arrow in the column headers indicates that the default Event List sorting is applied.
To change event sorting, do the following:

  • Select the down arrow in the column header you want to sort by, for example, Category.
  • An up arrow indicates that a non-default sorting is applied to Event List.
  • To invert the sorting order, select the up arrow in the column header.
  • The down arrow indicates that the default sorting is restored.

  • Select the down arrow in another column header to sort by a different criterion. For example, State.
    NOTE: You cannot sort by Timer or Commands criteria.


Your preferences are automatically saved when you exit the Flex Client application, and persist across sessions.