You can create management station calendars with entries and use these calendars as exceptions to the management station schedule.

  1. Select Applications > Schedules > Management Station Calendars.
  1. Select Add.
  1. Select the type of calendar entry to be added. You can add entries of any of types Date, Date range, Weekday, or Recurring date.
  • Depending on the type of calendar entry selected, the corresponding fields display in the New calendar entry section.
  1. Specify the required values and select Save. If you navigate to another tab or location before saving the changes, then the Unsaved Data dialog box displays informing you to either save the changes before leaving the current page or discard the current changes and thereafter leave the page.
  • The calendar is added with the entries. You can now associate the calendar as an exception to the management station schedule (See Add Schedule Exceptions in Adding Schedule Entries and Exceptions)
    NOTE: You can also add calendar entries from the List View.