This section provides step-by-step instructions for common tasks related to viewing graphics in the Flex Client. For commanding object properties on a graphic, see Properties.

For related background information, see the reference section.


Display Graphic in Tile View

  • You want to display the graphic tile icons in the Graphics Viewer.
  1. In System Browser, select Application View.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • To display the tile icons of all the available graphics, select Applications > Graphics.
  • To display only the tile icons of graphics available for a specific subfolder, select Applications > Graphics > […].


View a Graphic

  • You want to display and view a graphic or a viewport of a graphic.
  • System Browser is in Application View.
  • In System Browser, the Graphics folder or a subfolder is selected.
  • Do one of the following:
  • In System Browser, select the node that corresponds to the graphic you want view.
  • In the Graphics Viewer, select the tile icon that corresponds to the document you want view.
  • The content of the selected displays in the Graphics Viewer tab.

Display and Hide a Coverage Area

  • A graphic is displayed in the Graphics Viewer and you want to display the coverage area for the cameras or any monitoring device on the graphic. The coverage area shows the objects on your graphic that are within the viewing or monitoring range of a camera or device.
  1. Select Applications > Graphics.
  1. Select .
  • All configured coverage areas on the graphic display.
  1. To hide the coverage area, select .
  • The coverage area is toggled to hide the coverage area from displaying on the graphic.

Command an Object Property on a Graphic

  • A graphic is displayed in Graphics Viewer.
  1. Select the object whose property you want to command.
  • The object properties display in the Properties pane.
  1. See Commanding Properties in the Help system for the complete set of instructions.

For detailed procedures on working with commands, see Properties.


Configure Alarm Indicators on a Graphic

To enable/disable or change the alarm indicator size, configure the following HLDL parameters.

  1. Navigate to <Website2>\<Flexclient1>\Profiles.
  1. Open the Default.hldl.json file a text editor.
  1. Search for the EnableAlarmIndication parameter, and type the value as needed:
  • True – The alarm indicator displays when the object is in alarm.
  • False – The alarm indicator does not display when the object is in alarm.
  1. For the AlarmIconSize parameter, type a value between 8 - 64 pixels.
  1. Save your changes.

Filter Depths, Disciplines, and Layers

  1. In the Graphics Viewer, select Filter .
  1. Depending on the configuration of the graphic, one of the following menus displays:
  • Depths
  • Disciplines
  • Layers
  1. If the Depths menu displays, select a depth from the menu.
  1. If the Disciplines or Layers menu display, select each item you want to display.
  • The selected items display on the graphic.
  1. If you want to see all the items on the graphic again, select Show All.

Manage Alarm Events in Graphics

An object on a graphic is in alarm.

  1. Select .
  • The event popover displays on the canvas.
  1. Select one of the following:
  • Acknowledge
  • Reset
  • Silence
  • Close

Pan a Graphic

  • A graphic is displayed in the Primary pane and your view is zoomed in and scroll bars may be present depending on your device.
  • Do one of the following:
  • If scroll bars are present, select the scroll bars.
  • (Touch devices only) Tap-and-drag your finger to move the focal point of the graphic left, right, up, or down.

Scale Image to Fit View Area

  • From the Graphics Viewer toolbar, select .
  • The displayed graphic is scaled to fit your current view area.

Search or Filter Graphics

  1. In System Browser, in the Application view, select Graphics.
  • The Graphics Viewer tab displays.
  1. In the Search box, enter the desired text, the Graphics Viewer tab is filtered as you enter it.
  1. Press ENTER.
  • The filtered graphic objects display.


Zoom In or Out of a Graphic

  • A graphic is displayed in the Primary pane.
  • Do one of the following:
  • From the Graphics toolbar, select (+) to enlarge the graphic details or (-) and reduce the graphic details of the graphic.
  • Press CTRL and use the mouse wheel to zoom-in or zoom-out relative to the current mouse position.
  • (Touch Devices Only) Use your fingers to perform a pinch gesture to zoom in and out of the graphic.