Schedule entries define the days of the week and time when a particular schedule is executed. Using exceptions you can configure the schedule to execute at a different time.

Create Schedule Entries

  1. Select Applications > Schedules > Management Station Schedules > [management station schedule].
  1. Select the schedule to which you want to add entries.
  • The Schedule tab displays.
  1. Select Edit.
  1. In the Edit view, select the intersection of the day and time that you want to specify as the starting time.
  1. Repeat step 4 to specify the end time.
  1. Select Save.
  1. Select Overview to view the schedule entry.
  1. (Optional) Select Edit to copy the schedule entry to other days of the week. See Copying Management Station Schedule Entries in Additional Management Station Scheduler Procedures.
  • The schedule entries are created.


Add Schedule Exceptions

  • The management station schedule to which you want to add an exception is open.
  1. Select Edit.
  • The Edit view displays.
  1. Select Exceptions.
  • The Calendar view displays.
  1. Select Add.
  1. Select the type of exception you want to add and select Next. The following exception types are available:
  • Date: Adds an exception for a single date.
  • Date range: Adds an exception for a particular date range.
  • Weekday: Adds an exception for a particular day, week, and month of the year.
  • Recurring: Adds an exception for a recurring time period.
  • Calendar: Adds a management station calendar as an exception.
  1. Specify the time period for the exception.
  1. In the right pane, specify the starting time for the exception along with the scene to be associated with the start time. Specify the end time for the exception by selecting the End of exception option.
  1. Select Save.
  • The configured exception reflects in the Calendar View and is listed in the List View.