• Your company and products were chosen during subscription purchase.
  • You have received an email invitation for a company with an automatic renewal subscription.
  1. Open the email you have received from noreply.digitalservices.si@siemens.com.
  1. Select the Join [Company name] button to accept the invitation.
  • The Building X landing page opens in your browser.
  1. Select Log in / Sign up.
  1. On the next screen, enter your Siemens ID and password. Select Log In.
  1. If you do not have a Siemens ID, select Sign up (1).
  1. Enter your email address, password, first and last name in the provided fields.
  1. Accept the terms and conditions and select Sign Up (2).
  • A message informs you to open the verification email in your inbox.
  1. In your inbox, open the mail from login@siemens.com and select Verification e-mail.
  • A message informs you that the verification was successful.
  1. Return to the internet browser with the message from step 7 and select Continue.
  • The Accept invitation page opens.
XXX invited you to become a member of company XXXRejectAcceptManage memberships
  1. Select Accept.
  • The Accounts landing page opens.
  • Depending on your role, you can now perform steps as creating user groups and inviting more users or access your apps over the launchpad.
  • For using the app with existing setup, see Overview and the following chapters.