Adding a company that you are not a member of can be achieved using the key. The key can only be shared via email by the other company.

Sharing company details

This instruction describes the steps required on the side of the company that you want to add to the related companies.

  1. Go to Overview > Overview > Company.
  1. Select More > Share company details.
  1. Enter the Name and Email of the person you want to share the company details with.
  1. Select Share.
  • An email is sent to the given email address.

Adding a company with shared details via email

  • You are a member of the Customer Administrator user group.
  • The company details have been shared with you.
  1. In your email inbox, open the email from SI Digital Services (
  1. In the email, select the link Add company to my list.
  • The link takes you to Accounts > Partition Management > Related companies.
  • The Add company dialog displays.
  1. Select Add.
  • The company is added to the list of related companies and partitions can be shared with this company.