1. Search bar: Search for entries with specific properties. Use filters to refine the search.
  2. Add: Add a subscription. Select Manual renewal or Auto renew.
  3. Automatic renewal subscription: A subscription that is purchased through Subscription Manager (https://subscribe.siemens.com/).
  4. Manual renewal subscription: A subscription that is issued by License Server Management (LMS) and gets activated by Entitlement ID or Activation ID. Only required in uncommon use cases.
  5. Name: Displays the name of the subscription.
  6. Renewal: Displays the date the subscription will be renewed.
  7. Status: Displays the status of the subscription.
  8. Summary: Displays the features of the subscription.
  9. Details: Displays the offering name, validity period and status of the subscription.
  10. History: Displays current and past subscriptions, including the activation ID.
  11. Renew: Renew the subscription.
  12. Add-on: Enter the activation ID or entitlement ID to add an add-on to a subscription.
  13. Options: Opens menu with the following functions:
  14. Customize name: Define a customized name for the subscription.
  15. Convert: Converts a manual renewal subscription to an auto renewal subscription

License packages for partitions

Subscriptions are bound to partitions. A company can have multiple active subscriptions that are bound to different partitions. During the creation of a new partition, the subscription is selected and cannot be changed later. Which subscription is valid for which partition is displayed in Partition management > Partitions.

Subscription 1Subscription 3Add-on subscription Partition 1Partition 2Partition 3Partition 4Device 1Device 2Device 3Device 4Device 5