1. Open LMU > Activatable Items > Offline Workflow > select Offline SUR Expiry Date Update.
  2. Select Retrieve SUR Expiry Date Product in the right pane > select a required option:
  • Use existing CSID
  • Specify manually: CSID and Activation ID
  • Previously used CSID's.
  • Click on Retrieve SUR Expiry Date
  • ⇨Displays the product name in the Active Line Items pane.
  • Select the retrieve SUR expire date product.
  • Click on Save SUR Expiry Date
  • ⇨Opens the “Certificate” dialog box.
  • In the Certificate dialog box > select an adequate folder.
  • Make sure to use an adequate location, e.g. projects folder > temp or similar
  • Click on Save and acknowledge the success prompt.
  • ⇨Generates a SUR Expire Date Product file and saves the file in the given location.
  • Copy the SUR Expiry Date Product file and send it to the target computer by Internet (Intranet, USB device etc.)
  • Continue with Tasks on target computer.