This topic describes the main window elements of LMU. These are:

  • Views and title pane.
  • Logon contextual pane.
  • About LMU dialog box.


Title pane
Includes the main function buttons contextually depending on selected views as well as general information (LMU States, Customer Site ID, User name, TS health state ,operation mode state, current date and time, and menu drop-down).

Navigation pane
A selected item either opens a view pane view, settings pane view, contextual pane view, or updates view items.

Stack pane
Used for selecting views and corresponding tree.

View pane
This pane can host the Activate Line Items view, the Settings view, and the Licensed Products view.

Operation pane
This area (mainly) contains the buttons, etc to initiate an operation.

Status bar
This shows the progress of the performed operations. e.g license activation progress.