Expired Licenses can be removed from Trusted Storage by returning them. For technical reasons it is no longer possible to delete expired licenses. Certificates can be removed by the Removal process.


Remove expired licenses and certificates

  1. Navigate to the Licensed Products page.
  1. Select Expired from the «Query» drop-down list .
  1. In Expired Licenses tab > select licenses to be deleted.
    Activate the Select all licenses checkbox if you want to delete all displayed licenses of one license type, then unselect the checkboxes of all other license types.
  1. In tab Return/Remove select the adequate action:
    Select «Online return» for Trusted Storage licenses.
    Select «Certificate removal» for certificates.
    Select «Certificate export» to export the certificates
  1. Click Execute.
  • If the operation is successful, license(s) will disappear from the Licensed Products view after restart of LMU.