This menu item displays various LMU parameters, i.e. version information, FNC Device ID information, Zip Installed base information, LMS Eula and third party legal documents.

The About box has the Zip Installed base information button that allows you to zip all the relevant base information. This is useful when it is not possible to send the information directly to the server (which is not connected to the network machines).

The Details window and the export function allow Siemens to find errors much easier, knowing the currently running version of the LMU software on the client computer.

  • Click the Details button to open the details list.
  • In «Details» list click the Export button to export the details list to an Excel file.
  • The Details button now also displays the FNC Device ID information from the machine.

Basic information, including LMS EULA and third party documents [Menu > About]:

Click the «Details» button to open the details list [Menu > About > Details]:

Enhanced installed base information

Installed base information of the LMU host machine is sent out to Server during:

  • License activation,
  • License return,
  • Manually (User can send this information at any time).

In the «About» box you find a button that lets you send the installed base information at any time.



LMS system ID

A unique ID is assigned to every LMU installed.
The LMS system ID can be found under the «About» box details.


New LMU components added in the System information list are as follows:

  • LmuTool
  • LMU WebService
  • SystemId
  • Product Code
  • Flexera FNP
  • ALM
  • ALM Plugin

The version information for each LMU component is displayed in the right side of the System information dialog box.

Click «Export» to create an Excel sheet output [Menu > About > Details > Export]