Licensing View

Licensing View displays

  • All licenses to be activated,
  • All licenses for the provided user credentials on the back office license server, and
  • All installed products on the configured trusted storage.

Users can switch between different panes by selecting panes from the stack panel on the left or by clicking their titles.

Information about the installed license base can be obtained from the Licensed Products Pane of the Licensing View.


This view presents following information:

  1. Attached dongles are marked with a green circle.
  2. Trust Flags of the licenses are shown. These flags reflect the valid/corrupted state of the installed licenses.
    Notes on flags
    Valid flags are FULLY_TRUSTED and CERTIFICATE.
    Invalid flags are TIME, HOST, and RESTORE.
    It is possible to correct invalid flags by performing a «Repair» – click the Repair button in the lower right pane.
  3. The Create License Report button can be used to save a txt report of the current installed license base.


Licensing operation types

  • Activation
    Activation is the process of installing license rights. Installing a license certificate or activating a license in trusted storage are two different procedures in the activation process.
  • Return
    A license return involves removing the license rights from a system and transferring the license rights back to an entitlement line item on backoffice license server, generally to allow using this license on another PC. Licenses will be marked activated in the backoffice license server (even after a clean uninstall & re-install of LMU), unless a return operation is performed.
  • Repair
    A repair operation is used to repair a corrupted license (except for fully trusted type of licenses). One of the events to trigger the need of a return e.g. is licenses becoming invalid because the machine hardware configuration has changed enough so that the tolerance for the machine bindings is exceeded, or the anchor is broken.

Activation methods

These operations can be processed using the following operation methods:

  • Online
    Licensing carried out via the Internet or Intranet on the backoffice license server.
  • Certificate/Dongle
    Licensing carried out via certificate files representing the license.
  • Offline («Manual»)
  • Manually returning a license based on encrypted request/response files.


Operation combinations

These topics describe the supported operation combinations:

License online activation

License online repair

License online return

License offline activation

License offline repair/return

Dongle Activation

Dongle Certificate Removal