Using 'Sinteso Test' saves site data on the smartphone.

Access to fire detection system data and possible misuse of data due to unprotected Android smartphones
  1. Configure your smartphone or mobile terminal according to the 'Guidelines of the Siemens CERT Security Measure Plan for Android Devices' below.

Guidelines of the Siemens CERT Security Measure Plan for Android Devices

  • The internal Android encryption function must be activated on your smartphone or mobile terminal.
  • The following requirements must be met with regard to the encryption password used:
    • At least eight characters
    • At least one upper-case letter
    • At least one lower-case letter
    • At least one special character or numeral
  • Configure the data storage space for your apps so that app data can only be placed inside the encrypted internal memory of the device or on encrypted memory cards.
    • Check whether the memory cards inside your device can be encrypted.

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