Site data for the 'Sinteso Test' app with software version ≥4.0.0 must be exported as an encrypted XML file for security reasons.

To export the system data from the SintesoWorks, a stylesheet in version ≥ V1.0.1 and in XSLT transformation file format is required to use all the functions of the 'Sinteso Test'.
The file name includes the version of the file (e.g., SintesoTest_V0.4.1.xsl).

When the 'Sinteso Test' app is installed, an up-to-date version of the 'SintesoTest_Vx.y.z.xsl' style sheet is filed in the '/Documents/Sinteso Test' folder of the smartphone.

The configuration of the 'Site' is exported in two XML files. The file with the ending '_Custom.exml' is suitable for importing into 'Sinteso Test'.

Exporting XML file

  1. Open a 'Site' via the 'File' > 'New site' or 'Open' menu.
  1. Click on the 'File' > 'Site export (XML)' menu item.
  • The 'Reports' window with the 'Site XML export' opens.
  1. In the 'Stations' tab, select the stations for which you wish to generate an XML file.
  • The maximum number of 'Stations' that can be loaded is restricted. If the configuration of the 'Site' exceeds the restriction, you must activate/deactivate one or several 'Stations' for the export.
  1. Select the 'Output settings' tab.
  1. Depending on the application, carry out a standard XML export, user-defined XML export, or encrypted XML export.

Encrypted XML export

Access by unauthorized third parties

Access by unauthorized third parties can lead to data theft.

  1. Never share the password with unauthorized third parties.
  1. Only send the password by encrypted email.

When exporting the eXML file from SintesoWorks, a password is set to decrypt the eXML file.

We recommend using a different password for each site and user.

  1. Check the 'Create XSLT based export' checkbox.
  1. Define an XSLT transformation file.
  • For a transformation file from ↑ 'BDV', select 'Use file from BDV'.
  • For any other transformation file, select 'Use file from file system'.
    Information: If a red exclamation mark appears, the system cannot find the selected file. Select a different file.
  1. Select the target path for the eXML file.
  1. Check the 'Use encryption' checkbox.
  1. Create a password to encrypt the eXML file.
    Information: The password requirements are displayed when you hover over the entry field with the mouse cursor.
  • To create an automatically generated password that meets all of the requirements, click on 'Create new password'.
  1. Click on 'Save password'.
  • The new password is saved.
  1. Click on 'Create report'.
  • You have exported the configuration of the 'Site' into an encrypted XML file.