'Sinteso Test' is installed on an Android smartphone and used together with a detector exchanger and tester FDUD292 and Bluetooth extension kit FDUD29x‑E.

Testing the assignment in the detection tree

As soon as there is a Bluetooth connection between the detector exchanger and tester and 'Sinteso Test', the assignment in the 'Sinteso Test' detection tree is tested on test runs on the detector exchanger and tester.

Detector exchanger and tester FDUD292 with Bluetooth extension kit FDUD29x-E installed sends the 'Serial no. ("ID-Nr.")' of an installed peripheral device to 'Sinteso Test'. 'Sinteso Test' displays the data assigned to the 'Serial no. ("ID-Nr.")' in the detection tree. The peripheral device is then marked as tested in 'Sinteso Test'.

Assigning peripheral devices

With the 'One-step commissioning' function on the control panel and the 'Sinteso Test' app, peripheral devices are assigned to the detection tree and marked as tested. For this, the peripheral devices need to already be installed, commissioned, and read in on the control panel. The MC link and 'One-step commissioning' mode must be activated for the corresponding detector line on the control panel.

Testing peripheral devices and exporting test data

Tests executed with the detector exchanger and tester are recorded in 'Sinteso Test' if the detector exchanger and tester is connected to 'Sinteso Test'. Manual tests can be documented separately in 'Sinteso Test'.

Detailed information about the tests performed can be exported as STR files. An encrypted and an unencrypted STR file are generated automatically. Only the unencrypted STR file can be imported into Excel; the file format will be detected automatically and a formatted table will be generated for further processing.

Simplified operation of detector exchanger and tester FDUD292

The detector exchanger and tester can be connected to 'Sinteso Test' via Bluetooth and operated using the 'Sinteso Test' FDUD remote screen.

Detailed functional description

  • Import eXML file with configuration data
  • Display information about the saved site
  • Display the detection tree and the data saved there
  • Display the data saved in the detection tree for an installed peripheral device or have this read out
  • Assign peripheral devices to the detection tree (OSC)
  • Display detailed information as to whether and how the peripheral device has been tested
  • Display the total number of peripheral devices, as well as the number tested and not tested
  • Display the total number of peripheral devices, as well as the number assigned and not assigned
  • Enter or dictate comments for a peripheral device or 'Channel'
  • Enter general app comments in the detection tree
  • Enter site comments in 'SintesoWorks' and call them up in 'Sinteso Test'
  • Save and restore comments and lists for tested devices
  • Search for a character string in the detection tree
  • Adjust the display of the peripheral devices using filters
  • Export data from 'Sinteso Test' as an STR report for further processing in Excel
  • Restore the configuration by means of eXML and eSTR import
  • Adjust the 'Sinteso Test' settings
  • Display 'Sinteso Test' together with another app in split-screen view
  • Activate the FDUD remote screen and operate the detector exchanger and tester via 'Sinteso Test'