Different ways to influence the operating mode - Basic Documentation - RDF302 - RDF302.B - RDF302/VB

Semi-flush mount room thermostats with RS485 Modbus communications RDF302, RDF302.B, RDF302/VB

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Priority of operating mode interventions

The operating mode can be influenced by different interventions. The table below shows the priorities of different interventions. (i.e. lower number higher priority)

Priority Description Remark

In parameter setting mode (highest priority), you can always command an operating mode independent of all other settings or intervention via Modbus and local input.

If P02 changed by Modbus, the operating mode will jump to Protection mode, in all cases, after the update.

Operating mode switchover contact If the contact is closed, the operating mode changes to Economy. This overrides the operating mode on the thermostat.
"Window state" via Modbus "Window state" sent via Modbus has the same effect as the operating mode switchover contact.
Note: Only one input source must be used, either local input X1/X2 or Modbus. RDF302.B does not have inputs X1 and X2.
Operating mode via Modbus

The operating mode can be changed via Modbus

Note: Operating mode button is disabled if Protection mode is commanded via Modbus. If a bus command is received via MODBUS for either COMFORT or ECONOMY operating mode, the symbol of the selected operating mode will be displayed.
i.e. either COMFORT or ECONOMY symbol only

If a bus command is received for PROTECTION mode, the AUTO TIMER symbol (RDF3xx_auto.png) will be displayed and all key buttons will be de-activated.

i.e. both PROTECTION and AUTO TIMER symbols

Operating mode button The user can switch the operating mode via the operating mode button unless a key lock command received from the Modbus before.
Note: Higher priority commands can override the lower priority’s command. If operating mode is set via Modbus, the unit will indicate by flashing “OFF” when OpMode button pressed by users.

Availability of Economy mode

The operating mode can be selected locally via the operating mode button.
The behavior of the operating mode button (user profile) can be defined via parameter P02, factory setting is P02 = 1.

P02 Without time schedule Description
1 🡪
  • Switching manually between 2 modes, Economy is not available (factory setting)

  • Suited for hotel guest rooms or commercial buildings.

2 🡪🡪
  • Switching manually between 3 modes

  • Suited for homes and rooms where manual switching to Economy mode is desired

Operating mode switchover contact (window contact)

The thermostat can be forced into Economy mode (e.g. when a window is opened, when a presence detector signals "no one present", when the keycard of a hotel room is withdrawn, etc). The contact can be connected to multifunctional input X1, X2. Set parameter P38, P40 to 3.

Room operating mode: Window State

The function is also available via the Modbus signal "Window state",

Note: Only one input source must be used, either local input X1/X2 or Modbus.
User operations are ineffective and “OFF” is displayed if the operating mode switchover contact is active, or if "WindowContact" is sent via Modbus. RDF302.B does not have inputs X1 and X2.