• Online connection to Climatix IC devices required to read the Alarm ID.
  • Create a text concept for alarm types to ensure easy assignments in Rule Editor.
  • The Alarm type view is open.
  1. Select Add.
  • The Alarm type dialog box opens.
  1. In the Alarm ID field, enter the ID number of the corresponding alarm.
  • A corresponding alarm must be triggered on the device (e.g. supply air fan fault) in order to enter Alarm ID.
    INFO: A new alarm type is created the first time an alarm is triggered; Climatix IC fills out the type using available information. Automatically generated alarm types must be modified.
  • Alarm ID is always the same within an application type (e.g.: AHU1) and does not need to be regenerated each time.
    INFO: Another Alarm ID is, however, generated on the same functions (e.g. supply air fan fault), but for a different application type (e.g. AHU2).
  1. Enter a description in the Alarm description field. The description is issued as the alarm text.
  1. Enter a label name in the Alarm label field. The label name is used in the Rule Editor when configuring the Alarm input node’s Alarm typesAlarm types property.
  1. Select Save.
  • The alarm type is saved and can be used in Rule Editor.