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  1. This document must be available in a usable format throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Keep the document for reference and ensure that it can be accessed by target groups.

Please contact the Customer Support Center if you need another copy of this document.

This document contains guidelines and conditions for connections and describes permitted applications for the intended operational environment.


The information contained in this document is valid for Climatix IC.

Target groups

The information in this document is intended for the following target groups:

Target group



System owner

  • According to EN 50110-1, 'nominated person with the overall responsibility to ensure the safe operation of the electrical installation by setting rules and organisation or framework.'
  • 'This person can be the owner, employer, proprietor or a delegated person.'
  • 'Some of these duties can be delegated to others as required. For large or complex electrical installations or networks, the duties can be delegated for parts of the installations or the network'

IT security officer

  • Helps companies to assess the security of products, solutions, and services, as well as to define and implement improvements.
  • Are technical experts in all aspects of IT security.

Project Manager

  • Coordinates the deployment of all persons and resources involved in the project according to schedule.
  • Provides the information required to run the project.
  • Has obtained suitable specialist training for the function and for the products.
  • Has attended the training courses for Project Managers.

Project engineer

  • Sets parameters for product depending on specific national and/or customer requirements.
  • Checks operability and approves the product for commissioning at the place of installation.
  • Is responsible for troubleshooting.
  • Has obtained suitable specialist training for the function and for the products.
  • Has attended the training courses for Product Engineer.

Installation personnel

  • Assembles and installs the product components at the place of installation.
  • Carries out a function check following installation.
  • Has received specialist training in the area of building installation technology or electrical installations.

Commissioning personnel

  • Configures the product at the place of installation according to customer-specific requirements.
  • Checks the product operability and releases the product for use by the operator.
  • Searches for and corrects malfunctions.
  • Has obtained suitable specialist training for the function and for the products.
  • Has attended the training courses for commissioning personnel.

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