You can control the heating system using the thermostat or mobile application. Some control operations can be performed from both ends, whereas others are limited to either the thermostat or the mobile application:

  • Configuration of the thermostat is possible only on the thermostat itself, such as selecting the settings of the heating applications and connecting the thermostat to the wireless accessories (smart receiver or valve actuator)
  • Daily operation is possible both on the thermostat and with the mobile application, for example, changing the temperature setpoint, switching the thermostat on or off
  • Advanced operation is possible with the mobile application, for example, creating the time schedule and viewing energy trends



Mobile application


Setting up the thermostat



Quick guide

Section 6.7.3

Connecting with wireless devices (RCR114.1 or SSA911.01TH)


Section 5

Changing application settings


Section 6.7.2

Switching the thermostat to “Heat” or “OFF” mode

Section 6.2.1

Section 9.4.5

Green leaf function

Section 7

Switching the thermostat to “At home” or “AWAY” mode

Section 6.2.1

Section 9.4.3


Temperature control

Section 6.1

Section 9.4.2

Turning on/off the supply of domestic hot water

Section 6.5

Section 9.4.2

Changing the preset temperature setpoints

Section 6.7.2

Section 9.4.2

Setting time-based schedules



Setting location-based comfort controls



Checking device notifications


Section 9.5

Checking energy consumption


Section 9.4.2