The thermostat can connect to a maximum of six wireless valve actuators (SSA911.01TH) to control Radiator with valve.

See Changing system setup for more information about heating equipment.

Initial connection to a wireless valve actuator

  1. On the Home screen, tap , then tap and .
  1. When prompted, enter the administrator password.
  1. Tap > , and then tap “Pair new devices”.
  1. On SSA911.01TH, press and hold down for more than two seconds. The THREAD network symbol on the display of SSA911.01TH blinks.
  1. Perform the above action on all valve actuators if you have more than one SSA911.01TH on hand.
  • On SSA911.01TH, the THREAD network symbol blinks during connection establishment.
  • Information about successful pairing is displayed on the thermostat.
  1. Tap “Done” on the thermostat. All the added devices are displayed on the “Devices” page.