Create an account and associate it with thermostat(s) for wireless control.

Create an account in the application and associate it with the thermostat(s)

  • The thermostat is connected to a network.
  1. Tap "Create account" in the "Log in" page.
  1. Enter a valid email address.
  1. On the local thermostat, do one of the following:
  • From the Home screen of the thermostat, tap , tap , tap and then tap . The activation code and QR code are displayed.
  • If is available on the Home screen, tap it and then tap . The activation code and QR code are displayed.
  1. In the app, scan the QR code using the built-in scanner or enter the activation code manually.
  1. Agree to the terms of use, then tap “Create”. A confirmation email is sent.
  1. Enter the code enclosed in the confirmation email, set a password for the account, then tap “Activate”.
  1. To associate additional thermostats with the account, tap > “Setup” > “Add device”, and add devices by scanning the corresponding QR codes.

After initial power-up of the thermostat and initial system configuration, tap to create an account and associate the mobile application. Refer to the quick guide for detailed information.

After reconfiguring the thermostat, log out and return to the app before the changes take effect. If the changes still don't take effect, try to revoke access to the device and add it again.

Account management

Once an account is created, make the following changes as needed:

  • Change account user name
  • Change display language
  • Change temperature unit
  • Change background color
  • Change time format

Manage account information in the application

  1. In the application, tap > .
  1. Manage your account information as needed.