Acting as a Thread router, the thermostat can connect to a maximum of six wireless relays (RCR114.1) or valve actuators (SSA911.01TH) to control your heating system remotely. If a relay or actuator fails to connect to the thermostat due to low signal strength (distance or blockades [walls, and so on.]), you can install a maximum of three wireless repeaters (RCR114.1) in between to extend the reach of the RDS110.R control signals.

Once the connection between the thermostat and the wireless devices has been established, no manual re-connection is needed, even if a power supply interruption should occur.

  1. You cannot manually turn ON/OFF RCR114.1.
  1. RCR114.1 and SSA911.01TH cannot be connected to the thermostat at the same time unless RCR114.1 is configured as a repeater. See the Quick guide of RCR114.1 for information about how to configure it as a repeater.
  1. If pairing fails the first time, wait five minutes before trying again.