The VQP/VQI46.. PICVs are maintenance-free without differential pressure regulator.

Valve plug stem, presetting, diaphragm etc. may not be disassembled.

When performing service work on the valve and/or actuator:
  1. Switch off the pump and disconnect power supply.
  1. Close the shut-off valves in the piping network.
  1. Fully reduce pressure in the piping network and allow the pipes to cool down completely.


Differential pressure regulator cleaning

General notes

The valve insert with the differential pressure regulator can be removed for replacement or cleaning. The removal of the valve from the pipeline is not necessary for this operation. For the cleaning process of the differential pressure regulator, a special tool is needed (ALP54, see Accessories).



1. Loosen the knurled nut

2. Place the special tool on the On/Off bonnet

3. Loosen the On/Off bonnet